Victoria Hallerman, Health Activist and Author
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Well written, with an honest perspective of the journey of living with prostate cancer… Will be a great resource for many couples.

—Ali Torre, wife of baseball manager
and prostate cancer survivor Joe Torre


Victoria, in her own words...






I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated reading your book.  I am a medical oncologist who specializes in the care of men with prostate cancer. My patients, man of whom I have known for many years, frequently share with me things that they have found helpful, including books. Your book was a gift from one of my patients. Over the years, I have accumulated a small library of books given to me by my patients.  Busy with my practice, research and administrative responsibilities, and my family, I have not had the opportunity to take advantage of this library until this year, when I carved out some time thanks to a sabbatical.

You not only told your story with extraordinary eloquence and candor, you captured elements of the experience of many. I think many men make decisions about their prostate cancer care without the benefit of having all of the knowledge that they need to make the best possible decisions. I find that the way we convey information to patients and the way patients hear that information can leave important gaps in knowledge and understanding, gaps that are only filled much later, when experience forces issues to the forefront. Your book captures these issues with incredible grace. Thank you for sharing your journey

—Tomasz M. Beer, M.D.
Grover C. Bagby Endowed Chair for Prostate Cancer Reasearch
Deputy Director, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland OR

I am reading your book.
My husband was diagnosed in early June and as everyone, we are immersed in a ton of confusing medical information. I bought your book for me, however, my husband is a voracious reader so he has been reading it even faster than me and yesterday he thanked me for getting it. We were driving back from Atlanta to Jacksonville and he read it while I drove. He kept reading bits of it and then we discussed it. It's been great to have! Just invaluable, I think we will discover! I think Oprah should do a show on this subject. Any chance there's anything in the works? I'd be happy to add my voice by email to get her to do so!! Thank you for sharing your story!

—Martha Malone,
Jacksonville FL

“We wanted to believe everything would be simple,” Victoria Hallerman says of her husband’s diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer. With the growing voice of cancer survivors on TV and in print media, it may seem as though a cure is all that matters with cancer. In Hallerman’s brave new book she lays bare the true impact of prostate cancer and its intimate challenges, of the mistakes she made, and what she and her husband would do differently. This is a story all men and all those who love men should read. It is, in a way, a “how-to” book, but one filled with the poetic vision of a couple at first making their journey through prostate cancer in stark isolation from one another and how they find a way back together.

—Mary Jane Nealon, RN, MFA,
Program Development Director,
Partnership Health Center,
Missoula MT